Bio: Patricia is a no “nonsense” straight talking girl, blessed with Godly wisdom and common sense. Born and raised in Tennessee, she credits God, her parents, aunts, uncles, nosy neighbors and school teachers for her success. She feels a constant, never subsiding pull on her heart to proclaim God’s word to a morally decaying world. She understands that it is the duty of every born again Christian to reach a dying world by displaying evidence of the power of God’s love and power through our words and actions. “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.” Matthew 5:13 Patricia retired from the U.S. Air Force after serving over twenty years. She is a graduate of World Harvest Bible College in Columbus, Ohio with a degree in Pastoral Studies. She also holds a B.A. in Psychology from Chapman University and a Masters in Business Administration from Brandman University in Orange, California.

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14 Comments on “About”

  1. Loved your article on American Thinker. It’s sad that white liberals are so trapped in their narrow intellectual cocoons that they cannot abide an objective, free-thinking, non-white person. They little know how much they have in common with the plantation owners of the 19th century who strove to keep their slaves in intellectual darkness for their own benefit.


    • I don’t know Patricia but I would live to know her. I don’t see Black & white , I see citizens fighting for their believes Family and every American. Has the deck been cut equally ? No but that deck gets squared by faith , hope and charity, Nothing gives a racist a good look at their pathetic life more that a person confident , God fearing and righteous . God Bless You Patrica .


  2. I just read your article, “What White Democrats Really Think About Black Americans. It is one of the very best articles I’ve ever seen written about this topic. Historically, it was the Republicans who fought for Black Americans, not the Democrats. I only wish more Black citizens would speak up like you do. Too many have voted for President Obama simply because he is a Mulatto. People seem to forget he had a White mother. Anyway, you write great articles.

    God bless,

    Don Gilleland


  3. Your American Thinker article was excellent. The betrayal of the Black America by the Democratic Party is as heartbreaking a story as I can think of. You are courageous to stand up against this. Thank you.


  4. Kudos to your quick wit and snappy comebacks. I’m sure you left our misguided Liberal brethren discombobulated. LOL! You Rule Girl!!!


  5. Enjoy your articles. One thought I have on when you state who is going to rise up and be that David and fill that gap? One thing I have learned from the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that one very important way we fight against the evils of the world is how we live are every day lives. Engagement in the cause and belief and conviction of living a Christ like life and creating a Gospel sharing home. I believe this fills the “Gap”. I believe the victory over the evils ofbthe world starts in the walls of our homes.


  6. This woman is obviously educated and doesn’t allow herself to be stereotyped or put into a victim role. An enlightened mind is a wonderful thing. Now lets enlighten our future generations about God, his gift of his son and free will, and a small and limited government means liberty for one’s soul.


  7. Dear Ms. Dickson,
    I too have enjoyed your articles over at American Thinker. What rings true in them, in addition to your excellent skill at writing, is your passion for getting to the truth. I believe that today, too many Americans have sold out truth and integrity in favor of ideas that are in Vogue. History is littered with examples of how this has not bode well for humanity.


  8. I’m a Catholic, CONSERVATIVE, Mexican-American female, married to a “white guy”. I’m an instant fan after reading one of your American Thinker articles! I have so few people I can identify with and I truly appreciate your writings because content of character is of utmost importance. I will be following your blog, for sure!


  9. Patricia: I really liked your article, “Poverty In The Black Community Is The Result of Culture Not Racism” in The American Thinker today. It describes the circumstances of a destructive sub-culture that I have tried to express in discussions with my “progressive” friends. I grew up as a white liberal in Detroit until I left acadamia and went to work in the real world 40 years ago. Several years ago, as I served on a local school board here in New York State, we would inevitably have discusoins regarding the “culture of poverty.” I would try to explain (usually without success) that “poverty” is not the cause of negative cultural (educational) outcomes. Poverty is the natural consequence of a self-defeating culture. I’ll continue to share your thoughts on Facebook and through other venues.


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